How to get followers on Instagram from scratch

Subscribers are the most important indicator in instagram. The advertiser always looks first at their number, and then at the number of likes on posts.

However, not everyone is interested in monetizing the channel through native advertising, so it’s better to figure out how to get subscribers from scratch. Two different methods will be considered-with and without attachments, respectively.

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No attachments

I want to start with the fact that it is extremely difficult to make a decent number of subscribers without investments. All these methods will take time. The main ones are:

  1. Creating content that needs to be shared, but not Intrusive. For example, if we are talking about groups in English, the format of posts in the form of » words to remember” collects a lot of reposts and saves. Clickbait posts are popular in news groups to evoke emotions.
  2. Mutual PR. You will need to advertise pages with the same theme as yours. Slow, but it works. The main thing is to look for communities where there is a live audience, otherwise the VP will not block the number of unsubscribes due to advertising, as a result you will remain in the red.
  3. PR in any free sources. Take the same comments. Spam from other accounts in which you would mention the page you need will allow you to gradually gain an audience. On average, you can fill about 1000-2000 participants per week, but you will need a lot of accounts.
  4. Constantly mention the account in conversations. Helps sociable people increase the number of subscribers. You will have to mention your account unobtrusively, and you will need to contact other people as often as possible. For a week, at best, the maximum will be +100-200 people.

For pay

  • High-quality advertising. The point is simple: you need to take ads from one community, blogger, or any other person. However, there are a huge number of pitfalls that should not be forgotten.
  • Cheat. It will be suitable to get 10K subscribers and start from this in the future. But, do not get carried away with » Dead souls”, because no one will buy advertising.

A small audience is just a motivation for other people to subscribe to you, since the herd instinct is activated.

Draws and giveaways are not advised. They often attract a non-target audience. As a result, you will start losing subscribers at the end, and advertising will be useless.