How to choose beef meat at the market

You can almost always find quality meat in markets. Many people think that it is difficult to buy fresh, tasty beef in stores. Therefore, they go after her to the shopping arcades located in the markets.

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What do experts advise?

First of all, you need to remember that meat, before it goes on sale, undergoes special veterinary control.

After this, sellers are given documents with the appropriate stamp and date. The stamp is also placed on the beef carcass. In large markets there are usually no problems with obtaining a permit to sell meat if the seller sells it responsibly.

It is important that hygiene standards are observed.

Counters should be clean and attractive. The meat is not placed on a bare surface or an unknown type of cardboard, but on a clean, thick cloth. Before choosing the piece you like, you should smell it.

Good fresh meat smells good. Its aroma is reminiscent of milk. If the product has been lying around for a long time, then it has a corresponding smell. There is one more nuance that needs to be remembered. The meat of old animals has a not very pleasant barn smell. This doesn’t mean it’s spoiled.

But you shouldn’t stop your choice on such products. Especially if you want to cook delicious and aromatic food. The meat is inspected before purchasing. Beef can be pink or red. It depends on the age and fattening of the animal, and sometimes on the breed. Ripened meat is bright and red, there is almost no moisture in it. Very dark color is usually found in older beef. It is important that there are no blood stains in the meat.


This indicates that the cow was slaughtered incorrectly or that the animal may have suffered some kind of disease. When pressing on the piece there should be a feeling of elasticity, but not softness. In this case, practically no water is released from the beef.

Selection of cut beef

The amount and color of fat indicates the age of the animal.

If there is a lot of it, it is dense, yellowish in color, this means that its formation took a very long time, and the animal was already old. In young people, fat is more meltable.

The meat is chopped into certain pieces: shoulder, ham, entrecote, neck, brisket, tenderloin, thin and thick edge. To prepare a tasty and high-quality dish, it is important to choose the appropriate meat.

Each piece requires its own processing and cooking time. You can also buy cheeks, legs, tail and a variety of beef by-products at the market. It is important to cook fresh offal immediately; they should not sit out, otherwise the taste and quality of the food will change.